Here you will find all the forms required on the first day of class, as well as the RULES OF THE ROAD and the illinois TEEN / PARENT GDL handbook to help you with your teens initial driving experience.

If there is something you are looking for that you cannot find here, please send us a note and we can find it for you! Plus, you will be helping others DOWN THE ROAD!

Required Docs
Key Links
Good Things to Check Out
IL Secretary of State Links
  • Rules of the Road - Illinois

    link to the online RULES OF THE ROAD book.

    while we hand this book out to every student on the first day of class, you can always get a FREE copy before class starts at our office or at any illinois secretary of states office. (as of 4/1/16 these books are not available in any way other than on line... I will let you know when we have more availbale for both the students and the public)

  • TEEN / PARENT GDL program - driving guide

    GREAT BOOKLET! teens should get this book from teh secretary of states office when they get their permits... (sometimes i have in class here), but ask for it when getting your learners permit.

    great info for all the laws pertaining specifically to teens PLUS parent guides for teaching your kids the same lessons that we teach them in their BTW's with us. this is a great tool for us to work in conjunction with the teens and their parents.
    50-hour DRIVING LOG located in back of book too!

  • Parent/Teen DRIVING contract

    we cover driving contracts in class here. parents and teens should have a contract outlining rules for their teens once they start driving. this is just a sample contract, feel free to add any of your own criteria. (ie. who pays for gas, required GPS, etc.). parents are the key to keeping our teens safe. please take the time to map out a contract with your teen.

  • Graduated Driver License
  • 50-hour Driving Log
  • Acceptable IDENTIFICATION for permits and driving licences