Frequenty Asked Questions



At what age may I enroll my teen in Joyce's Driving School?

Any teen wishing to learn how to drive can enroll in ANY class in which he/she turns 15 by the last day of selected class. (ex. class starts October 5th and ends November 5th... your child must be 15 yrs old by November 5th. to be legally enrolled per Illinois state law)

How do I enroll my teen in one of the classes at Joyce's Driving School?

Click here - OR - on the SERVICES tab, please select TEEN PROGRAMS to see the two choices we have for teen students. During the registration process, you will have a selection of current class options to choose from for your teen.

What is " + PULSE"

PULSE is an on line driving program for your teen to use for one year after getting a license. It is designed to re-inforce the lessons we taught them in class as they become more confident and comfortable driving their own vehicle. Click here for more info.

How much will my teens driver education cost?

The price of drivers education varies by services needed and the classroom location. Please see the TEEN PROGRAM, under the SERVICES tab, to see a detailed description of services and prices in your area

BTW Info

Why 2-hour blocks for BTW sessions and not 3-hour blocks?

We teach the BTW portion in 6 2-hour time blocks. we feel that this method of scheduling is better for learning to drive. our goal is to get the kids on the road safely, not to hurry them through the driving portion of our program.

We suggest that the first lesson be booked as soon as a learners permit is acquired, then you practice with them 2-3 hours in between each lesson until all 6 BTW lessons are complete.

What is a BTW?

BTW = behind the wheel or in-car training.
This portion of the program can be completed during or after the classroom sessions, depending on instructor and teen availability.

When should my teen schedule their first BTW with an instructor?

Your teen should sign up for a BTW with us as soon as they have their learners permit. We are trained to handle nervous teens as well as over eager teens and they should get on the road with one of our instructors as soon as possible to start learning our defensive driving techniques. Teens are eligible to sign up for BTW's after attending two classes with us per state law.

Students can drive with any adult over 21 years of age with a valid drivers license as soon as they get their permit. If they are driving with you, they should be having lessons with us as well.

How do I sign up for a BTW appointment?

You must log in to this web site with your user name and password. then, click on the SCHEDULE BTW PERIODS under the white box on the left. From there, you should see a colorful calendar where you can see days available for BTW lessons. If this calendar is blank, please give us a call ASAP if your class has already started.

Why is the current BTW calendar full at the beginning of the month.

During the school year, teens and parents put the BTW's in a low priority rating. This is understandable due to a heavy school load, as well as extra-curriclur activities such as sports, dnace, music, etc. However, it is creating a back-log of summer students and frustrated parents and teens.

We have experienced a surge in teens wanting to save their BTW's for the summer months creating a problem during those months. We are modifying our program to compensate for this. We will not allow more than TWO future BTW appointments on the schedule at any one time for any student, starting on 7/21/17. We encourage all teens to make time for at least ONE BTW permonth if they are in class with us or have already completed a class.

We know this is not ideal for some students. but the alternative of waiting for summer creates problems of a different nature.

We offer weekend BTW's and holiday BTW's which get booked very quickly. Please plan to look at the BTW calendar as soon as possible to get the greatest selection of BTW's.

How does my student book a HOME pick-up and/or drop-off?

He HOME option is only available to those who pruchased the upgrade to the SILVER or SILVER + PULSE packages with us. NOT ALL OF THE BTW's have a HOME option. Due to the time constraints of some of the BTW appointments and instructors, we cannot offer the HOME option on all of the BTW choices.

To book the HOME option, you should see the PRIMARY RESIDENCE as a choice in the drop down menu when scheduling your BTW appointment. If that option is not available, it may be the schedule... if it is not there FOR ANY APPOINTMENT then we have a setting wrong on our end. Please write to us so we can confirm for you and get it fixed.

NOTE: The HOME option is very limited for anyone in the following areas: WOODSTOCK, CARY, and MCHENRY. Please check the schedule carefully and give yourself at least 4 months to complete all of the required drives with us.

Why is the web site not allowing me to schedule more than two BTW appointments?

Each student is limited to TWO 2-hour BTW bookings in the future at any given time. While all teens need to complete 6 drives with us, we cannot have everyone booking all of those drives at one time. Limiting it to TWO future bookings allows all teens to book a BTW earlier, rather than later. It also keeps the appointments from being booked so far in advance that new drivers would not have a chance for an open spot until months from now.

MOST IMPORTANT! spacing out the BTW lessons gives your teen enough time to practice everything he/she is learning on the drives with us and to be confident in those new skills before learning new ones.

How many BTW's can I schedule each week?

You can book up to two drives each week IF THEY ARE AVAILABLE!

It is state law that you cannot complete all of your drives in less than 14 days, so the web site will not allow you to book them with less than three days in between each lesson.

This limit setting allows you to practice what we teach you in each BTW with your parents. Remember, we need to work as a team to learn good driving habits, not just rush through your BTW lessons to get them done. Each time you complete a BTW, you should practice those skills for at least 2-3 hours of driving with your parents.

How do I cancel a BTW appointment?

Log in to your account and click on the SCHEDULE MY BTW tab and you will see your current schedule. There are buttons there to cancel and reschedule your BTW's.
We must have a 72-hour notice for all BTW cancellations, per our contract, to avoid a $50 late cancellation fee.
We DO NOT accept BTW cancellations over the phone or with a voice mail.
You have all the tools to cancel the BTW's on the web site and that is the ONLY way they can be cancelled.
You will be prompted to pay the $50 fee if you are attempting to cancel a BTW appointment with less than a 72 hour notice.

What happens if my 9-month contract has expired?

Our contract with all students is valid for 9 months starting on the student's first day of classroom instruction. Each student is required to finish all classroom and behind-the-wheel lessons by the final day of the contract. A $150 re-enrollment fee will be charged on expired contracts. This fee extends the contract for an additional 30 days per BTW due. Joyce's Driving School will charge a standard lesson fee for each lesson given beyond expired contract.

Why does my child need a permit for each BTW?

The permit is your teens legal document that gives them permission to be on our roadways. Just like your license, they are required to have their permit with hem whenever they drive any car. In our vehicles, we check every drive to see if they have permit and it is not expired.
For safe keeping, we suggest to our students that they tuck their permits into the envelope provided by the state, then slip it into their wallet or cell phone case. They CANNOT carry a copy of their permit. They must have the original permit on their person when driving with us.


When is payment due for the class?

A deposit of $100 is due when registering your teen to save his/her space in the class. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, although it is transferable to another class time. The balance is due on the first day of class.

Your teen will NOT receive a permit application/proof of drivers ed enrollment unless his/her account is paid in full.

Do you offer any payment plans?

Our payment plans vary depending on your needs. However, we will not issue your teen a permit application until their balance is paid in full. Please call us for details.

What do the different districts mean if my child goes to BHS?

The districts are our way of keeping our drivers in one general area, making the BTW lessons better for your teens. Each Barrington district is a GENERAL idea of where you live, so choose the district/instructor that seems to be closest to your home address.

What is the BLUE FORM?

There are academic requirements per state law to be enrolled in a drivers education class when you are 15 yrs old.

The BLUE FORM (please see the RESOURCES tab for a link to this form) is proof of you teen passing junior high school or high school with 8 passing grades in the last two semesters.

Alternatively, they can use the PINK FORM if they have inadequate grades or the YELLOW FORM if they are home schooled.

All teens must have at least one of these forms on file in the office in order to complete a drivers education course.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes! We love siblings! If your elder child has already has already taken the course with us and now your younger one has turned fifteen, we will give him/her a $25 discount.

Please understand that we do not combine any sibling discounts with any other discounts promoted elsewhere or on our web site.

What forms of payment are accepted, and when am i billed?

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. You will be prompted to enter your credit card information during the registration process. We do NOT store any credit card info so you must return to the web site to pay any balance due at the beginning of the course. Please note that there is a 2.5% convenience fee added to all credit card transactions. Checks and cash are always welcome.

Will I be charged sales tax?

No, all sales tax is included in the base price of all our services.

How do I know my credit card number will be safe?

We take every precaution to ensure that your personal data, including credit card information, is as secure as it can be. Our site utilizes Secure Socket Layer technology on all pages where personal information is requested. This encryption technology prevents anyone from using your personal data if intercepted. For the highest level of safety, your credit card information is not stored after the transaction is complete.

What happens if I need to cancel my student's registration?

All deposit payments to our school are non-refundable, however they can be applied to another course if desired. If a situation arises in which you need to cancel your student's registration, please call our office and speak to a staff member for more information.

General Info

What is the graduated drivers licensing program (GDL)?

It is a program that became effective January 1st 2008 regarding stricter rules for teens to obtain a license. It sets rules as to how many teens are allowed in the car the first year of licensing, cell phone usage, driving curfew, etc. For a more detailed look at this program, please visit, the Illinois Secretary of States web site.... or CLICK HERE

What is the minimum age to get a learners permit?

Your teen must be 15 years old to take the permit test at the Secretary of States office to get a learners permit.

How does my teen get his/her permit application?

When your teen is:
1) enrolled in a class
2) has a $0 balance due
3) has turned in the BLUE FORM (see RESOURCES tab)
4) Joyce's Parent Student Contract is on file
5) is 15 years old

Then he/she will receive a permit application from Joyce's Driving School, inc. when attending the class.

Upon receipt of this application, you can then go to the Illinois Secretary of States office (SOS), with all of the required documents, (CLICK HERE for a checklist) to have your teen sit for the written permit test.

If they pass this written test and an eye test, then they will be issued a driving permit. YOUR CHILD CANNOT DRIVE UNTIL HE/SHE HAS A VALID DRIVING PERMIT!

What docs do I need to get my permit?

To get a permit, you MUST have the following information from the Illionois Secertary of States office. Click here to view.

When is the Illinois Secretary of States Office open?

Different locations are open on different days. CLICK HERE to be directed to the Illinois Secretary of State facilities page.

When can my teen start driving?

As soon as he/she gets the learners permit! Your teen can drive with anyone 21 years old or older who has a valid drivers license (valid for at elast one year). The BTW's with Joyce's Driving School can start being scheduled as soon A permit is acquired. Teens DO NOT need to finish the classroom portion in order to start driving with us.

What is my "permit number" on my learners permit?

The Permit # is listed on the learners permit as the DL#.
It is the twelve (12) digit number that starts with the first letter of your last name.

How do I get proof that my child has completed a drivers education course?

When your teen completes all of the requirements for drivers education:

  • Turned in the BLUE FORM (see below)
  • Completed and passed all 30 hours of classroomt
  • Finished all of their required BTW's.
  • Paid all fees due to Joyce's Driving School, inc.

.. then we will send the appropriate documentation to the state .... 2-4 weeks after that send date, your teen will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION from the Secretary of State of Illinois. This is also known as the BLUE SLIP.

How does my high school know I've completed a drivers ed course?

When you have fulfilled all of your requirements here at Joyce's Driving School, we send in your paperwork to the Illinois Secretary of States office. They in turn send you a letter to the address listed on the permit.

That letter is the Certificate of Completion. COPY that letter and take it to the administration office of your high school to prove you have completed a drivers education course. Keep the original on file in your home until your teen graduates from high school.

Class Info

What if my teen is absent for a class period?

iI is an illinois state law that all teens must complete 30 hours of classroom time.

Students MUST ATTEND one (1) of the first three (3) classes of their scheduled program to remain enrolled in the course. Each student can miss up to four (4) class periods, but MUST make up those periods in a future class session, once their scheduled class session is complete. Your teen is allowed to book BTW's even though they have not made up all missed classes.

Affter missing more than four periods, we will have to cancel the teen from the current class session per state law. You will have to re-enroll your teen and pay the class fee ($155) again.

How do I make up a class period that I missed?

When you miss a class, we mark your COURSE HISTORY (on your personal web page under the white box) with the day you missed. We require you to come to the SAME DAY that you missed so that you can participate in the classroom discussions. See the SESSION tab for full class calendars for each location. Find the CLASS # that you missed on that calendar and plan to come to class that day. There is no registration for make-up classes.... just come to the class and sign into the make up book.

Also, please be aware that per state rules, you are not allowed to attend more than one classroom session per day.

We do not require any advance notice or registration for you to make up a class, just walk in to the proper class session and sign into the MAKE-UP book. As our after school classes are normally full, we encourage you to come to the evening classes for your make-up classes. We will update your records on-line within one to two weeks of attending the make-up class.

For the FLEX-Ed plan, if you miss all of the classes offered in any specific week, you will be marked absent for that specific lesson, and you will need to come back and make up that class session in any other course that fits your scedule. Make sure to register for a FLEX-Ed session each week, even if you are planning on not attending, as we will mark you absent and note what class # you missed so you can figure out what day to come in to make it up.

License Info

When can my teen take the road test for his/her license?

You can go to the secretary of states office when ALL of the requirements below are met:

  • Your teen is 16 years old
  • Your teen has had a permit for 9 months
  • He/she has a BLUE SLIP from the Illinois Secretary of States office - this will be a letter from Springfield which is the CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION sent directly to the address listed on the teens permit. teens will get this certificate once they have completed all of the requirements with our organization and we have filed their paperwork with the state.
  • Your teen has a complete 50-hour driving log documenting 50 hours of driving in the past nine months (10 driving hours need to be at night).
What vehicle do we use for the road test?

The road test is usually taken in your personal vehicle. If your teen is more comfortable in one of our cars, we can take them for the test for a small fee.

You vehicle must have:

  • A license plate on the front and the back.
  • All turn signals and brake lights in working condition
  • A working horn
  • Have safety belts for all occupants
  • Have proof of insurance for said vehicle
What documents do I need to bring for the Road Test?