Drivers Ed Process

Is your Teen Ready to Drive? Thinking about a Private Driver’s Ed Course?

Please read this in its entirety!  

General Rules:

For students under the age of 18, the State of Illinois requires thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction, six (6) hours of behind the wheel (BTW) instruction and six (6) hours of in car observation. Our classrooms and instructors are fully insured, licensed, certified and endorsed by the Office of the Secretary of State.
Each classroom period is two (2) hours long and meets fifteen times per class session. Class schedules can be accessed by clicking the BLUE EYEBALL next to each course selection

A BTW session lasts two (2) hours and consists of one (1) hour of "hands on" driving and one (1) hour of observation.

NOTE: NOTE: During Covid-19 regulations, the Observation portion of the BTW is being waived by the Secretary of State until the social distancing rule is lifted.

Per state requirements, up to four (4) classes can be missed in a session but MUST be made up in subsequent sessions for your student to qualify for their driver's license. 

Log onto the web site using your USER NAME and your PASSWORD, click on MAKE-UP CLASSES to reserve a seat for a make-up class.

Step 1: Your Teen is Turning 15

When your teen turns 15 (or if they turn 15 by the end date of the class session), they can be enrolled in that classroom session. The web site WILL NOT accept enrollments for any teen who is not 15 years old by the last day of the class you are registering for.

Step 2: Enroll in a Course

Register for class ONLINE. - choose the class that best suits your personal schedules.  While you are registering for an entire package, please note that all you are choosing here is the classroom time commitment. The BTW times will be booked on an individual basis after your teen acquires his/her learners permit.

When registering, make a note of your user name and the password you chose - you will need this to log into the system to review classroom schedule AND to book all of the BTW lessons.

For a teen not looking to drive, and just needs to fulfill high school requirements, the CLASSROOM ONLY option is there which will not allow for a learners permit.

Step 3a: Required Forms 

There are two (2) forms required for all students, and both completed, original forms must be submitted for your teen to receive their permit application from us.

The Parent Teen Contract which is your contract with Joyce's Driving School.

A Driver's Education Approval Form (also known as the BLUE FORM which is used by 95% of incoming students.) 

The BLUE FORM is required by the State of Illinois as proof of eight (8) passing grades in junior high or high school. This form can be filled out by the high school even if your child is a new freshman with no high school grades yet. If you are home schooled, are an incoming freshman, or cannot meet the grade requirements, see form options below: YELLOW FORM (if you are home schooled)

YELLOW FORM (if you are home schooled)
PINK FORM (if you are in school but do not have the required grades)

Step 3b: Start your Course 

For the first day of class you should bring:

  • 1. Black/blue and red pen.
  • 3. Payment for any balance due. 
  • 4. Driver’s Education Approval Form (REQUIRED BY the STATE) see the above required forms Section 3a.

Class: Students will focus on learning the basic rules of the road and prepare for the written permit test. They will receive a student workbook which they are required to bring to every class session as well as to every BTW lesson.

Per State of Illinois rules, a student can miss up to 4 classes within a session, all of which must be made up If more than 4 classes are missed the student is required to take the course again in its entirety.

Step 4: Get Learners Permit

NOT REQUIRED before class begins!

To obtain a learner’s permit, your teen must pass a Rules of the Road test at the Illinois Secretary of State's Office. To prepare for this, they must read the Rules of the Road book (available online) and be able to understand all of it. We cover this information during the first 1-3 class sessions. YOUR TEEN IS NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE A PERMIT BEFORE STARTING CLASS WITH US! 

We typically hand out permit applications on one of the first three days of class, when time permits. IF YOU WANT YOUR PERMIT APPLICATION, AND IT WAS NOT OFFERED TO YOU, ASK YOUR INSTRUTOR FOR IT.... OR WAIT FOR THE NEXT CLASS!

CLICK HERE for acceptable ID requirements read this to make sure you have the correct documents to obtain he learner’s permit.

Step 5: Schedule Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) Sessions

Once your teen has:

  • 1. Obtained his/her permit (all class fees must be paid to receive a permit application from us)  
  • 2. Attended at least four hours of classroom instruction at Joyce's Driving School, then they can start to schedule their behind-the-wheel (BTW) portion of their course. 

Teens DO NOT have to complete the classroom portion of our program before driving with us!  

We encourage you to start scheduling the first BTW when they get their permit. Then, schedule one each month, or after 3-4 hours of practice with parents or guardians, to complete the program in a timely manner. You must book a BTW appointment on our website. Login to your Student Portal to view our BTW calendars to familiarize yourself with our instructors' schedules.

During your BTW sessions your child will learn, among many other things, the following:

  • Rules of the road
  • Left and right turns
  • Decision making
  • Emergency situations
  • Defensive driving
  • Reversing and backing up around a corner
  • Basic driving skills
  • Parking on hills
  • Right of way
  • Merging and lane changing
  • Driving defensively and most important - Driving with Confidence and a Positive Attitude!
NOTE: as of January 1st, 2011, your teen MUST complete all their BTW's within nine months of starting this course. Failure to complete the BTW requirements within nine months will result in a cancellation of our contract with the teen. A fee of $150 for a 2-month extension to complete the remaining BTW’s.
Step 6: Complete all State Requirements

Your teen will be required to meet ALL these standards to take their final drivers road test:

  • 30 hours of classroom instruction (log onto the web site and check your students COURSE HISTORY to see what classes they may have missed)
  • 6 BTW hours + 6 observation hours.
    NOTE: During Covid-19 regulations, the Observation portion of the BTW is being waived by the Secretary of State until the social distancing rule is lifted.
  • 50 hours of documented driving (10 of which must be a night)
  • Be a minimum age of 16
  • Have had their drivers permit for a minimum of 9 months
Step 7: Get Your Driver's License

Once your teen has completed the requirements and all fees due to Joyce's Driving School have been paid, we will send notification to the Secretary of State. They STATE will then send to your home the required form (previously known as a "blue slip") for them to take their road test at the Illinois Secretary of State Facility (this could take 3-4 weeks). We will also send you a completion email with a link to the Secretary of State website. You can check here to confirm that the Secretary of State has completed your Student in their system and your Student is eligible to take the road test.  

MAKE A COPY OF THIS CERTIFICATE FOR YOUR TEENS HIGH SCHOOL AND FILE IT IN A SAFE PLACE FOR A FEW YEARS!  Some insurance companies are starting to ask for a copy, so do not throw away until your teen is 18 years old.  WE CANNOT GET YOU A REPLACEMENT IF YOU HAPPEN TO LOSE THIS CERTIFICATE! 

Once your teen has received this Certificate of Completion letter, they will need to take the following items to the Illinois Secretary of State Facility:

  • Certificate of Completion Letter and Affidavit (not necessary, but handy)
  • 50-hour driving log.
  • ID required rom this list: CLICK HERE for acceptable ID requirements
  • Properly working vehicle with lights, horns, etc.
  • Insurance Certificate for vehicle used in road test.
Step 8: Get High School Credit for this Course

Take a copy of the Certificate of Completion letter you received from the Secretary of State of Illinois to your guidance counselor.

Any questions? Please call (847) 977-7193