Road Test


Please Note: Road Tests are only available to students under the age of 18. Joyce's Driving School is proud to offer a convenient Road Test service. If you have had your permit for 9 months and have a driving log with a minimum of 50 hours, you are eligible to sign up for a Road Test with us. You can take the test with us a few weeks before you turn 16 and still go to the Secretary of State's office for your license on your 16th birthday.

We will perform the ROAD TEST following Illinois Secretary of State guidelines.

Upon passing the Road Test you will receive a form for you to take to the SOS office. This form will take the place of a Road Test at the SOS office. You will need to go to the SOS office to get your vision checked and have your photo taken for your driver's license. The SOS reserves the right to randomly choose any student to take another Road Test for quality control.

In the event that you fail the Road Test with us you cannot re-take it with us. You will have to go to the SOS offices and take a ROAD TEST there.

Students from other driving schools or high schools must show proof of completing a driver's education course with an overall A or B grade.

Students who completed their Driving Education Course with us should purchase this option at a discounted rate through the Joyce's Driving School STUDENT PORTAL.

If you have any questions please call us at (847) 977-7193

Any questions? Please call (847) 977-7193