Adult Driving Services

Our instructors are patient, caring and enjoy teaching driver education.

  • Teens over the age of 18 who need a few refresher Behind-the-Wheel lessons before going for the licensing road test.
  • Adults who have never got their license and want to learn how to drive.
  • Adults who have moved here from another country and wish to get their U.S. driver's license.
  • Seniors who are nervous about driving.
  • Seniors who need a little confidence boost for their driver's exam.

We also have a package where we take you to the Secretary of State where you can take the exam using our car.
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Driver Instructor License Training

If you have ever considered being a state certified driving instructor we have an excellent program. You will learn all the basics along with special skills we have personally developed to make your teaching career fun.
We are very proud to offer our State Certified Comprehensive Driving Instructor program.

Our program consists of
  • 48 Hours of Classroom Instruction for
  • Adult and Teen certification
During your instruction you will learn the following
  • All areas of technical driving
  • Classroom instruction techniques
  • Drivers instruction technique
  • How to instruct teens
  • How to instruct nervous drivers
  • Professionalism and responsibility of driving instructors.
  • Please call for details and class times.
Please call (847) 977-7193 for more information or to enroll.
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