Teen Programs

Teen Programs & Fees

In Illinois, teens between the age of 16-18, are required to take both 30 hours of classroom instruction and a series of Behind-The Wheel (BTW) lessons, in order to get their Illinois Driver's License. The BTW hours can be completed in a few different ways depending on you and your teens requirements.


Our TRADITIONAL classroom is very similar to the options being offered from other area schools. We teach the same driving decision and concepts in both of our programs. This option gives you a set schedule for you and your teen to follow. You choose a set course series below after choosing your region.

  • 15 (2) Hour Sessions
  • Allowed to miss up to four (4) classes but must make them up


30 flexible classroom hours, where you choose one night per week for your teen to attend class. This night can vary each week depending on your teens schedule. Your only requirement is to book an appointment for them each week to ensure that we have space for them that evening.

FLEX-Ed is our NEW and INNOVATIVE program to offer teens of the 21st century with a drivers ed option that best suits their needs. FLEX-Ed allows YOU to choose both the classroom and BTW dates to help manage your teens busy schedule better! In addition, the once-per-week classroom lessons can be woven together with the required BTW lessons allowing your teen to take the classroom concepts out on the road!

  • 15 (2) Hour Sessions
  • FLEX-Ed = self-scheduled weekly classroom dates.
  • One night per week – each week a different night of your choice or the same, choose the schedule based on homework/tests, sports, or other extra-curricular activities.
  • BTW's can be scheduled as soon as permit is in hand – putting the practical BTW lessons hand in hand with the classroom theory lessons lets the students understand driving concepts and decisions better.
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